Kalypso - Glass Bottom Boat in Corfu

KALYPSO STAR is a specially designed boat for Undersea Cruises. It is not a submarine, but a surface trimaran boat, which can accommodate 49 passengers on each trip. It gives everybody, regardless of age or physical ability, the opportunity to explore and enjoy the Sea world, with the endless variety of fish and sea plants. The boat leaves from the OLD PORT in CORFU TOWN and takes about 5 minutes to get behind VIDOS Island (the small island which is opposite the old port) and there we slow down to have the first look at the bottom of the sea. Later, we arrive next to the reef where we stop for the first Show with the divers.

Experienced divers swim around the boat surrounded by fish, feeding them and showing us some of the strangest forms of sea life, such as lobsters, star fish, octopus etc. and we have a very good chance to take some wonderful underwater photos. On the return trip, we admire the Old Corfu Town with its two fortresses as it’s visible from the distance.

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Kalypso - Glass Bottom Boat in Corfu Every Monday 1 hour

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