Princess V53
The V53 is an integrated hardtop only model, with a sunroof opening in a few seconds to the sun or closing for the shade or rain protection. Princess V53 is the ultimate boat for those whowish to experience the thrill of high speed cruising in comfort and style and can accommodate a party of 10 guests.
Sea Kid Fjord Open 40
This power boat will provide you with gratification unlike anything you have experienced before. You will also get a firsthand look at what the Open provides in addition to its striking design. Sea kid Fjord Open 40 can accommodate a party of 8 guests.
La Fenice Azimut
This amazing yacht offers a unique experience of wind and light, lulled by the comfort of welcoming environments and the finest Italian materials,for a true sense of well-being. La Fenice yacht can host up a party of 12 guests.
Super Toy Azimut 86S
“Super Toy” is an impressive yacht with sleek design which also offers very comfortable and luxurious accommodation. The rear cockpit is impressive and matches with the yacht's unique identity. It can accommodate a party of 8 guests.
Allegria Princess 61 Flybridge
Only a glance is enough to be caught by the elegant and sportive desing of this yacht! “Allegria”- Princess 61F has an exceptional performance and is built to excite the emotions and indulge the senses. This luxury yacht can accommodate up to 12 guests and 2 crew members.
GT10 "Stromboli" Motor Boat
GT10 motor boat is designed to provide the ultimate sensation, whether you are looking for a smooth transfer, a high-performance beast ready to deliver when required or a fantastic daily cruiser. It can accommodate up to 11 guests.
Pontoon - Boat hire in Corfu
Nothing compares to the joy and excitement you feel when the pontoon boat is sliding through the water and the breeze is caressing your skin. Each Pontoon Boat has a capacity of 11 guests.
Limo - Speedboat Hire in Corfu
Our limousine vessel is designed for 11 passengers in mind. It’s sleek, clean lines, as well as long and elegant hull provide for unique visual aesthetics.
MAS 28 Elegance - Speedboat Hire in Corfu
This Limo-speedboat can accommodate up to 5 guests and a captain.
Drago 610 - Speed Boat Hire in Corfu
Drago 610 can accommodate up to 7 passengers. It requires a driving license.
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