Fortress of Secrets Escape Rooms

The Fortress of Secrets opened its gates for the first time in April 2022 and is waiting for you to live unforgettable experiences and explore unprecedented emotions with your friends that you will reminisce about for a very, very long time.

Every escape room is different in order to satisfy all kinds of players. We have selected a horror room for the fearless players, a maze for the daring ones, a room full of challenges for those who are more energetic and competitive as well as a blackout room for the mystery enthusiasts.

The Nun (3-6 players)

During autumn of 1952, the Vatican decides to send Father Burke and Sister Irene to the monastery of Saint Cartha, as the nun who was living there, committed the most unforgivable sin of the religious world. She took her own life.

When Father Burke and Sister Irene arrive, they witness a very disturbing sight; the soulless body of sister Victoria, hanged in the entrance of the monastery.

They decide to solve the mystery and that ended in a confrontation with the daemon Valak, who is trying to possess them so that he will be finally able to abandon the monastery and spread evil in the outer world.

The monastery is transformed into a frightening battlefield between the ones that are alive and those who are cursed, while finally the battle is won by Father Burke and Sister Irene.

Ten years later, the monastery has started operating again, even though Father Burke was strongly opposite to that idea as he firmly believed that the daemonic forces are still dominating the place.


The Vatican is informed that a nun in the monastery of Saint Cartha had committed suicide, setting herself on fire. After holding a meeting, the Vatican decides to send you, as a special force, to discover what really happened to the nun. How are you going to face the dark secrets and the daemonic challenges?

Will you manage to close the gate of Valak once and for all and get out of the monastery alive?

Survivor (4-6 players)

You find yourselves castaway in a deserted beach, on a small island in the middle of nowhere. There, you meet Pelopidas, who claims that he has been trapped in the island for a long time.

He confides to you that he has been preparing a plan to escape but he has space for only one of you.

Pelopidas will submit you in a race of survival, where determination and combativeness will be crucial. There will be only one winner who will earn deservedly his spot for the trip back to reality.

The challenges will be demanding, full of tension and suspense. Get ready to compete hard, not only with each other but with yourselves as well, in the most entertaining version of survivor where the protagonists will be no other than you.

Μaze: The Doctor’s Experiment (3-6 players)

Rumor has it that Dr. Berwood, who is famous for his inhumane medical experiments, has created a maze from which his subjects, as he enjoys calling his victims, never come out. Or to address it more correctly, they NEVER COME OUT ALIVE.

His unorthodox practices make his subjects reach their limits where the medicine ends, and madness begins.

The secret services have reasons to suspect that Dr. Berwood has built his lab in the Fortress of Secrets. They have chosen you, as the ideal spies, to visit the space and solve the mystery, without him understanding who you really are.

Attention! The traces of the last unit that the secret services sent have been lost. What do you think? Will you manage to get out of him all the necessary information and fulfill the objectives of the mission or will you stay trapped in a world full of psychosis and delirium?


Blackοut (2-4 players)

Are you afraid of the dark? Are you seeing things that don’t exist? Is your imagination running wild?

Then you need to watch out, because in the Blackout nothing is as it seems…

Unravel the riddles, confront your darkest fears and come out as a winner in a race of the mind and the instict.

Besides, there’s no escape from…fun!

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